Bluecore offers a choice of 2 support packages to help assist and support your business.
These packages have a one-off fee with a 12-month access to our resources, with no monthly fees, so you can concentrate on building your business.

Our packages

Business Support
Our business support package is designed to provide you with a 12-month subscription to our portal which gives you unlimited access to a range of business resources including; business opportunity profiles, business factsheets & Legal Templates. You are also provided with access to our partners who can assist you in any of these key areas; HR, Accounting, Graphic & web design and social media & marketing with a free consultation to understand your business and get you started.

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Consultation Support

We understand that every business is different. Our consultation support package is a bespoke option designed to work closer with you to understand the peculiarities of your business as a start-up or existing business owner. Understanding your business allows us to put together the right resources that are needed. Contact us for an initial consultation and let’s see what we can do to assist you.

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Your Registration

Part of your registration, will require you to provide us with some information to get to know you better. This information provided by you will allow our partners understand where you are on your business journey to be able to assist you better.

What happens Next

Once your registration is complete, you will have access to our partners giving you your first consultation free. This is great to have your first conversation and understand how and what you need to do to move forward

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